3 days in Berlin - Itinerary with photos

Hello all fellow travelers! As you may have seen on Instagram, last week my brother Nikolas and I spent 3 days in Berlin.

This city is not only one of the beating hearts of Germany, it is a city that tells stories, where every corner reveals a piece of its past and present. From the remains of the Wall that once divided the world to vibrant neighborhoods full of life, Berlin surprises at every turn with a mix of history, art, and modern culture.

Ready to go? Let’s go through our itinerary in detail that may come in handy for you to understand what to see in Berlin in 3 days!

Day 1

Arrival in Berlin

Our trip to Berlin began with the usual question: how to get to the center from the airport?

Berlin offers several options for getting to Mitte or Alexanderplatz, between trains and subways you will be spoiled for choice.

We opted for the train, fast and direct to Alexanderplatz. A practical choice in that he was ready to leave in front of us! Whether you take the subway or the train as we did, the departures are all from Terminal 1 of the airport. So, if you arrive at Terminal 2 just follow the signs to 1 and from there there will be directions to the vehicles (all on the -1 floor).

Arriving in the center, we immediately headed for the Television Tower. At 368 meters, it is not only the tallest structure in Germany, but also a symbol of modern Berlin, erected between 1965 and 1969.

Afterwards, we visited the Berliner Dom, Berlin’s magnificent cathedral.

We then headed to the Brandenburg Gate, which unfortunately was under renovation, we still had the opportunity to admire the back of it. This iconic symbol of the city, despite restoration, continues to tell the story of Berlin and Germany.
After choosing a restaurant for lunch, on the way there we passed by the Holocaust Memorial (located right next to the Brandenburg Gate). Designed by Peter Eisenman, with its 2,711 concrete stelae intentionally designed and arranged by the artist, the memorial evokes feelings of loss and isolation, a powerful tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

We then headed toward Potsdamer Platz. Here we found several stalls where we could have a sandwich, crepes, hot dogs or the classic pretzel.

As you know one of the things I love most about traveling, food! Although let’s say that Germany is not really my first choice when it comes to “culinary experiences.” For lunch, therefore, we went to a classic: Paulaner’s Berlin. My brother Nikolas, a great meat lover, brushed up half a menu of typical German dishes, while I opted for a lighter but equally good lunch: spinach and spätzle. A perfect mix for a quick, vegetarian lunch!

After lunch we then headed to Checkpoint Charlie: this famous checkpoint, a symbol of the Cold War, is a reminder of the past division of Berlin and the historical tensions between East and West.

We ended our day with a visit to the Alte Nationalgalerie, where we admired works by Canova and other masters.

Porta di Brandeburgo
Memoriale Olocausto
Checkpoint Charlie

Day 2

Our second day in Berlin begins with discovering Alexanderplatz, the beating heart of the city. There, the world clock captures our attention, a symbol of global interconnectivity, showing the exact time of some of the world’s most famous cities. We then continue to my favorite part of Berlin: the East Side Gallery, a remaining section of the Berlin Wall, now transformed into a canvas for artists from around the world. 1.3 kilometers long, this open-air tunnel tells stories of freedom, hope and a divided past.

Among the murals, the one that catches our attention the most and also the most famous ever is “The Kiss,” depicting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and GDR President Erich Honecker. It is more than a work of art; it is a piece of history, a symbol of the political relations of the time.

Near the East Side Gallery, we discover theHolzmarkt25, a very special and unique place, although during the day it is closed I recommend a visit in the evening.

The weather in Berlin is unpredictable, and after enjoying moments of sunshine, we were surprised by a sudden downpour, prompting us to take refuge in the Alexa shopping center. Here, fortunately we were saved by the food court of this shopping center in which we found a cuisine different from the typical German, and I must say that we particularly enjoyed lunch here.

Tip before your next stop: remember to stop by this super special shop\bar“Steel Vintage Bikes Café & Store” where Fabio and I had already been. They have crazy cakes friends!

Our itinerary took us to the Jewish Museum Berlin, also open on Mondays (unlike most musos that are all closed this day) and completely free of charge. Interactive and fascinating, it was a rich learning experience, and I must say that both Nikolas and I were really excited about it. Remember to book online, you can also do so on Get your guide here!

The evening saw us exploring the Mall of Berlin, another modern corner of the city. For dinner, we went to Blockhouse Steak. Nikolas couldn’t stop praising the meats, I opted for a main course, and we ended up sharing a really good strudel!

East Side Gallery
Steel Vintage Bikes
Nikolas che scrive in ebraico al Museo Ebraico di Berlino

Day 3

Our last day in Berlin began with a late breakfast at Einstein Kaffee on Friedrichstrasse, a little quiet time before facing a rather rainy day. With our return flight schedule in mind, we knew time was limited, but we wanted to make the most of every moment.

Passing by the Parliament House with its imposing glass dome, we regretted not having booked this experience early as it was already full and we could not visit the interior. So I recommend that you book well in advance for the visit (which as I said I recommend) and you can do so on the official website here: https://www.bundestag.de/it/besuch/kuppel-inhalt-582782!

Despite the rain that gave us no respite, we found refuge in the Deutsches Technikmuseum, a choice of technology enthusiast Nikolas. This museum is a true journey through the evolution of transportation, energy technologies and communication. From locomotives to airplanes, computers to radios, every corner of the museum told a fascinating story of human technological progression. An exhibition area of 25,000 square meters allowed us to explore a wide range of inventions and innovations.

Finally, on the top floor you can find the photography section with a large collection of cameras, a real joy for photography enthusiasts like me.

We then headed to the airport again taking the train from Alexanderplatz.

Colazione Einstein
Museo della Tecnologia
Museo della Tecnologia
Museo della Tecnologia

I leave here thehotel we chose for our stay and some recommended ones!

Our: ARCOTEL John F Berlin which was right next to the Cathedral so top location!

– Ibis Budget Alexanderplatz: dear ibis comes in handy in any city and again convenient location. You can find it on Booking by clicking here .

– Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz only 300 meters away and you can see prices and info here.

– Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz: 400 meters from Alexanderplatz and 1.7 km from Gendarmenmarkt. This non-smoking facility is located 400 meters from the Alexanderplatz Metro Station. Click here for more info and prices.

– Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin: for those on a budget who can afford to get close to the Brandenburg Gate! Info and prices here.

I remind you that on my Instagram profile as always you can find both the featured stories and the 1 1/2 minute reel where I summarize this article with the videos made in Berlin! And for the rest I just have to wish you as always a safe journey! 🙂

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