Cornetto and cappuccino in Vienna? Check out my ranking and prices

We all know that Vienna is famous for its historic coffee shops, but what if during a vacation in Vienna we feel like having our beloved Italian breakfast with cappuccino and cornetto 🙂 ? Today I take you to three little-known places to have breakfast!

Being the good Italian that I am, even though I live in Vienna amidst Sacher, I too am looking for a good croissant to have breakfast with on Sunday mornings. After compiling my ranking, it seemed only fair to share it with you. Here are my favorites!

3. Crow Vienna
2. L'Amour du Pain
1. jomon

3. Crow Vienna

Third on our list is Crow Vienna, known for offering one of the most expensive croissants in the city. At a cost of €5.80, Crow Vienna croissants are large and have special fillings, such as the champagne one. Our favorite, and also the most famous, is the raspberry and pistachio croissant. Perfect for those seeking a unique and refined breakfast experience.

2. L’Amour du Pain

In second place is L’Amour du Pain, a boulangerie offering delicious butter croissants for €3. This place is a real paradise for those who love traditional croissants with a buttery and fragrant pastry. We recommend accompanying breakfast with a fresh juice for the perfect start to the day.

1. jomon

First place goes to Jomon, where you can choose between the small version croissant for €3.50 or the big version for €4.90. The pastry is crisp and light, and the fillings, freshly prepared, are simply spacey. Jomon is the ideal place for those looking for an extraordinary and memorable breakfast.

And if you want to see the video of when I bite them and what they look like on the inside, don’t miss my reel on Instagram: you can find it here.

Bonus: Cinnamood Wien

I know, maybe we’re not really talking about croissants but I’m crazy about them so I also mention Cinnamood Wien for their very special cinnamon rolls available in a thousand variations but my favorite is always the cinnamon one.

This is just a list of the best croissants, but Vienna is full of wonderful and elegant bakeries. And let’s not forget the famous Sachertorte! If you want to find out where to get the best Sachertorte in Vienna, check out my article here.

Were you already familiar with these venues? Where would you go for breakfast in Vienna? More importantly, what other places would you like me to review in Vienna? Also let me know in my Instagram profile: angelaisai where you will find a lot of other content dedicated to Vienna but not only. 🙂

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