Two days in Malaga: what to see, where to eat and stay

Hello everyone, fellow travelers! 💫 This year, for Valentine’s Day, Fabio and I decided to treat ourselves to a new trip to Seville (in fact, you can findthe dedicated article here). Small obstacle: the prices were really expensive for the outward journey. We then found an alternative solution that involved arriving in Malaga. So, without hardly realizing it, we added two nights in Malaga to our itinerary.

And I must say it was a fantastic opportunity to discover another pearl of Andalusia, ready to dive into this new adventure together?

Day 1

As soon as we landed in Malaga, we immediately discovered a super practical way to get to the center: the Renfe – Cercanías train on line C1. Very convenient, with departures every 20 minutes or so, it took us from Terminal 3 of the airport to the heart of the city in less than a quarter of an hour.

First, we left our luggage in our apartment, which I must say I really liked: it is right in the heart of downtown Malaga plus it was really spacious and clean.

I leave here the link: Apartamentos Mediterránea Centro

Other apartments we had considered for price/quality:

First stop on our trip? The majestic cathedral: a true architectural jewel that dominates the city. We did not enter but you can do so at a cost of 10€ each. You can purchase tickets on the official website: here. Then, a trip to the Mercado Central de Atarazanas: arriving just for closing time, we breathed in the lively atmosphere of those who were wrapping up their lunch among the colorful stalls, which immediately gave us an authentic immersion in local life. 🙂 Other interesting things to visit: the house where Picasso was born, where the original furnishings tell the story of the artist’s childhood and early life. Admission costs 3€ and you are better off buying tickets directly there because it costs more online. A short walk away is the museum dedicated to him, a journey through works that have shaped the history of modern art. Here on the official website you can find tickets for €8.

In the afternoon under the suggestion of a girl who lives in Malaga we went toAntigua Casa de Guardia, famous for its vermouths and bulk wines, accompanied by appetizers. Very nice and recommended!

The evening? Tapas time at Kraken Malaga. Okay, I admit that tapas with all those dips are not my thing, but when you’re in Spain, it’s almost a must, right? 😄 And then, to sober up, a nice evening walk. Malaga at night is transformed and becomes magical, with its lights giving the city a new atmosphere.

Day 2

Our second day in Malaga got off to a great start with breakfast at Santa Coffee.

We then went toward the amphitheater to begin our visit to theAlcazaba of Malaga. A fortress dating between the 11th and 14th centuries that was once the residence of Muslim governors. Walking through its gardens and walls is like taking a trip back in time. Then, up to Gibralfaro Castle, connected to the Alcazaba by a wall walkway. I must say I was not particularly impressed, I preferred the Alcazaba, however if you like views from the other side it is a must do! In fact, the castle offers a crazy view of Malaga. What’s more, the whole thing costs only €5.50 each, thanks to the Alcazaba+Castle cumulative ticket that we bought on site the same day. Ah, a little tip friends: on Sundays, after 2 p.m., admission is free!

At lunch, I couldn’t resist: empanadas at Malvon’s again. Yes because if there’s one thing I never skip when I’m in Spain, it’s them, my absolute favorite! And for dessert? The alfajores, also from Malvon. Guys, trust me, they are some of the best desserts in the world I would be able to eat 6 at a time (and they are big eh haha).

We spent the afternoon at Muelle Uno, the port of Malaga. This area is super: full of little stores, perfect for a relaxing walk with a sea view, and great for savoring the city’s maritime atmosphere.

For an aperitif, I recommend theAC Hotel by Marriott Malaga Palacio. Have a drink and enjoy the view. And for dinner? Lola House! It is one of the most typical and famous restaurants in Malaga, so a word of advice: book online and well in advance.

And so concludes our mini tour of Malaga! I must say that I really liked it even though it is small it is definitely a stop not to be underestimated. I hope you find these tips useful for your trip and I remind you that you can also find dedicated featured stories on my Instagram profile! 🙂

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