Bucharest Spa - Prices, How and Where to Book, Useful Tips

Hello friends! As I told you in the article about our 3-day trip to Romania (
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), our first day was dedicated completely to relaxation and wellness.

So how better to start your trip to Romania than by diving into the rejuvenating waters of one of Europe’s largest spa complexes? Bucharest Spa is a piece of paradise that will make you forget all stress just a 7-minute drive from theairport!

So let’s go over how to get there, why to go as soon as you land or before you leave, costs, and everything you need to know if you are thinking of coming!

Why go directly to the spa as soon as you land or before departure?

I know some of you may be thinking, “But why not go to the hotel first and leave your luggage?” The answer is simple friends. As mentioned earlier, the spa is so close to the airport that it seemed unnecessary for us to go back and forth to the city center. They also have convenient and spacious lockers where you can conveniently leave your backpacks or even suitcases. Same thing then if you decide to go there before returning home, you will be only a few minutes away from the airport and you can safely leave your backpacks or suitcases and go enjoy a spa day before returning home!

How to get there and how much does it cost?

There are 3 ways to get to the spa or return to the airport/city center:

  • Uber/Bolt/Taxi
  • Public bus 442
  • Free shuttle : (Sept. 2023) Not having seen the free shuttles pass we asked once we arrived at the spa and were confirmed that the service is no longer available.

We opted for an Uber, which took us to our destination in less than 10 minutes and with only 3€ (many of you had recommended Bolt because it was cheaper but in our case it cost us less Uber).
Tip: Always take a look at the two applications to find the best price for your commute.
Alternatively as soon as you exit the airport on the main road you will find the bus stop. You can take the 442 bus, which will take you to the spa and back to the airport/city center for about 0.60 cents!

Below is the table with the bus schedule!

Timetable from the city center/airport to the spa

Schedules from spa to airport/city center

Once you get to the spa of course you will have to buy a ticket! We booked on the official website HERE but you can safely get your ticket directly there at the ticket counters. If you go on the weekend however, I recommend booking early as they are usually very crowded.

There are 3 different thematic areas within the Bucharest spa.

Let’s look in more detail at what they include and the various costs since you will have to decide whether to take access to only some areas or for all 3.

  • Galaxy: Perfect if you are traveling with the family. Children’s slides, a wave pool, and even a sandy beach. It is the only area where children under 14 can enter. (single zone purchasable)
  • The Palm: Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of plants, with a retractable roof that allows you to admire the sky on fine days. Jacuzzis, mineral pools, and even a tropical forest where you can relax in hammocks. (single zone purchasable)
  • Elysium: The most exclusive area with themed saunas, infrared beds, a panoramic indoor pool with pool bar, and a terrace from which to enjoy breathtaking views with a restaurant and bar. (If you purchase admission for the Elysium area you will also have ‘access to all other areas)

Regarding prices as mentioned above you can purchase entry for single zones or for all 3 and you can choose to stay for 3 hours – 4.5 hours or all day!

To make a long story short friends at most, accessing all 3 areas will come to spending 28 euros per person for the whole day! Keep in mind, however, that on weekends you pay a little more. If possible avoid because as many of you have told me they are too crowded.

You will have a locker where you can leave all your belongings including your suitcases, and you will be provided with a wristband to record all your expenses (food, drinks, massage, etc.) with which you will pay for everything on your way out without having to worry about carrying your wallet-

A Small Trick to Save: If you sign up for the official website newsletter , you will get a small discount. We spent 42 euros for 4.5 hours with access to all 3 areas.

Where to eat? For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is forbidden to bring in food or drinks from outside. If you want to have lunch or dinner however you will be spoiled for choice! In fact, inside the spa, in each of the three thematic areas, you will find several restaurants with menus for any preference. We dined in the Elysium view restaurant where you will be given a physical menu where you can choose and order what you want. In The Palm area, however, there are several kiosks, and you can order through a screen and then go and pick up your order.

Personal advice and why go there:

I am not a big fan of spas when I travel because I love to explore. But these spas are truly unique and definitely worth a visit. In short, definitely worth a tour because they really deserve it. I might not do the full day but of course it is a personal choice!

I would like to remind you that on my instagram profile you can find featured stories where I better show the whole thing. 🙂

Hugs and have a good trip friends!

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