From Naples to Capri - What to see in 1 day in Capri and Anacapri

When you’re free for two days and one night, and you miss Naples so much, there’s only one thing to do: open the Ryanair app!

Fabio and I had already been to Naples so we decided to visit a place we had not yet seen: Capri. But before we get to this little paradise, let me tell you about my brief stay in Naples.

We left Vienna on a Tuesday after lunch, the flight landed in Naples at 3:30 pm. As soon as I arrived, I took theAlibus from the airport, a very convenient service that connects the airport to the train station and the port. My destination was the port, where I left my backpack in the Alcaprì Suite Napoli Centro B&B I had booked for the night.

We could not resist the temptation to taste Poppella’s “snowflakes” again, so we made a snack stop. What to say? Wonderful, just as I remembered them!

I leave you here with other hotels recommended for excellent location/price ratio:

Naples was abuzz with excitement over its soccer team’s near-scudetto victory, and the streets were filled with color and cheer. I strolled through the bustling alleys and, shortly after, headed to the harbor to breathe in the sea air and admire the view.

Before ending my day, I explored the charming Quartieri Spagnoli, where Naples life flows authentically and vibrantly. For dinner, I choseAl Cucciolo Bohemian since 1963, a restaurant I had been recommended for its spectacular pizza. I can confirm that they did not lie to me: the pizza was truly outstanding!


The time has finally come to leave for Capri! Wake up early and have breakfast before heading to the port of Naples to catch the ferry.

Remember, if you are traveling in the peak season, it would be best to book tickets to Capri online, but since it was early May I did not face long lines and there were still plenty of seats available. I purchased the 9:10 a.m. tickets, at a cost of €45 each A/R. The ferry ride took about an hour, and as soon as I disembarked on the island, I bought tickets for the funicular to reach the center of Capri. The cost of the funicular? 4.40€ A/R.

Once we got to the center, we explored Capri’s cobblestone streets and found Buonocore Bakery, famous for its pastries but especially its ice cream! Even though I wasn’t hungry, the inviting scent of sweets made me realize why everyone speaks so highly of it!


We continued our walk to the Gardens of Augustus, one of the most picturesque places on the island. Formerly known as Krupp Gardens, they are a public garden area and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the coast and sea. Created in the early 20th century at the behest of German tycoon Friedrich Alfred Krupp, the gardens were later renamed in honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus, who had a historical connection to the island. The Gardens of Augustus feature flowering terraces, pergolas, and pedestrian paths winding among the plants. They are famous for their beauty and scenic location, which offers spectacular views of some of Capri’s most iconic attractions, such as the Faraglioni, the bay of Marina Piccola, and the famous Via Krupp.

Just near the entrance, we found a small ice cream stand and decided to treat ourselves to a sweet break. We chose two flavors, lemon and limoncello, perfect for cooling off under the Capri sun. What about the cost? 4 euros in total!

Once back in the center of Capri, we got tickets for the bus to Anacapri. In just 10 to 15 minutes, we arrived in this charming little town that sits atop the island. Anacapri is famous for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, breathtaking sea views, and historic beauty.

For lovers of heights and panoramic views, I highly recommend the Monte Solaro chairlift. At a cost of 14€ A/R, you can climb to the top of the island and enjoy breathtaking views. Unfortunately, suffering from vertigo, I could not make this trip, but I have heard that the view from the top is absolutely unmissable!

Our first stop in Anacapri was the Church of San Michele. This Baroque marvel is famous for its splendid majolica floor, which depicts the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Earthly Paradise. Admission to the church costs 2€.

Finally, we visited the famous Villa San Michele, built by Swedish physician Axel Munthe. The villa, which costs 10€ to enter, is a real gem. In addition to art objects and ancient Roman artifacts, the villa offers a charming garden and a panoramic view of the Bay of Naples.

After exploring the sights of Anacapri, we stopped for lunch at Sciuè Sciuè Restaurant, a little hidden gem in the heart of Anacapri. Here we enjoyed an appetizer of eggplant and very fresh buffalo mozzarella, followed by two resounding first courses that introduced us to the authentic flavors of Caprese cuisine. We ended the meal with a slice of cake to share and coffee. All accompanied by two glasses of wine and water. The total? About 82 euros, but I can assure you that everything was super. Highly recommended place!

After lunch, we took the bus back to Capri and took one last tour of its fascinating streets, savoring the last moments of this magical island. Then it was time to say goodbye to Capri and return to Naples, where our plane to Vienna was waiting for us at 9:30 p.m.

Capri is definitely one of the most beautiful and enchanting places I have ever visited. I hope my experiences on the island have inspired you to plan your own trip and discover the wonders Capri has to offer. 🙂

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