Guide to winter clothing for travelers. From Iceland to European cities.

Hello fellow travelers! In the course of my travels, one of the questions I receive most frequently concerns how to dress appropriately when exploring cities such as Prague, Vienna or Berlin, where temperatures can be a bit colder than what we are used to. Finding the right balance between staying warm and keeping a nice appearance (in short, without looking like a penguin friends understand), can be a challenge!

In this article, I want to share with you some practical and smart tips onwinter clothingfor travelers. Whether you are heading to the magical snowy streets of a European capital or preparing to face the icy cold of Iceland, our next exciting group travel destination in March, being properly equipped is essential. As a reminder, you can find info about our group trips HERE!


When it comes to exploring winter cities, the secret to staying comfortable yet fashionable is one: dress in layers. To speak in plain terms the famous “onionattire. This technique makes it easy to adapt to changes in temperature, especially since many places with cold climates have a tendency to keep the heat very high in indoor places such as shopping malls or restaurants. My word that I lived in Vienna where I really often sweated after 5 minutes inside the metro or inside the stores.


The first layer, the one in direct contact with the skin, is critical. The ideal thermal underwear should perform two functions: retain body heat and manage moisture, thus preventing you from sweating excessively.


The middle layer is your ally in keeping warm. This layer should insulate but at the same time allow the body to breathe, wicking sweat away from the skin. Sweatshirts, lightweight sweaters or vests made of breathable, insulating materials are perfect for this purpose.

Click on the image to go to the "women's midlayer" section of the North Face
Click on the image to go to the "men's midlayer" section of the North Face

This garment is your armor against the cold, wind and rain. It should be waterproof and windproof while maintaining breathability.

Columbia South Canyon

When travel takes you to destinations such asIceland in particularly cold weather, adding an extra layer of protection is essential. After the thermal underwear, midlayer, and down jacket as an outer layer, the fourth layer should be a windproof jacket designed to withstand the strong winds that characterize the Icelandic landscape. This final layer helps ensure maximum protection against the elements.


As for the pants again, I recommend layering! So opt for thermal leggings: here you can find the whole selection on Amazon, while here you can find the ones from Calzedonia or even here the ones from Tezenis. If the temperatures are not super cold you can think of wearing them without adding anything else but when it gets below freezing you definitely need pants or jeans on top!


When it comes to exploring winter destinations, choosing the right shoes is most important. Good winter footwear not only keeps feet warm and dry, but also ensures comfort while walking.

General advice:
  • Non-slip footwear: Choose shoes with non-slip rubber soles for walking on icy sidewalks or snowy roads.
  • Sock space: Make sure your shoes have enough space to allow you to wear thick, thermal socks without squeezing.
  • Style: Many brands offer winter footwear that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

I leave you down here with a selection of shoes from brands such as Salomon, Columbia, and North Face that offer options that meet the listed requirements.

North Face Cragstone waterproof leather boots
Columbia Peakfreak II Mid Outdry Waterproof, High Trekking Boots
Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof, High Trekking Boots
Skechers One Robust-Fall Air, Women's Fashion Boots
Mishansha Waterproof Outdoor Fur Trekking Boots
Men's Boots Women's Winter Warm Snow Shoes
Mishansha Winter Non-slip Boots Winter Trekking
Hiking boot - Skechers Synergy - Cool Seeker
Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Boot - City Shoes
Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Winter Boots
Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-heat Mid Snow Boots


Do not underestimate the power of a good woolen cap and a warm neck warmer . Finally, don’t forget
a pair of thick, warm socks
. Socks made of wool or thermal materials are ideal for keeping feet warm and dry. Remember, however, that thick socks require space in shoes, so it is advisable to choose shoes half a size larger than usual.

Also essential, in addition to a good pair of gloves,
hand warmers c
which can really turn your trip around, my word!

Your winter adventure, whether it takes you through the illuminated streets of Vienna or across the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, will be an unforgettable experience if you are properly prepared. Remember to dress in layers, choose appropriate shoes and do not neglect accessories such as beanies, scarves and thick socks. With these tips, you are ready to face the cold weather in style and comfort!

It only remains for me to wish you friends a safe journey! 🙂

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