Six Days in New York - Itinerary and Tips

Hello travelers! 🗽🍎 Before we dive into the story of our six-day itinerary in New York City, I suggest you first take a look at our article“Things to know before you leave for New York.” There, you will find very useful information about visas, medical insurance, Internet connections, and much more. It is essential to be well prepared to experience the Big Apple at its best, so I strongly recommend that you read that article first. 🙂

Although our stay lasted ten days, two days were devoted to work (as you know, we work remotely). Thus, the following itinerary is condensed into six intense days based on our direct experience and what we consider essential for a trip to New York.

Day 1

Our adventure starts from one of the most symbolic places in the city: Times Square. Here we breathed in the electric atmosphere that only New York can offer. Then, a stroll to Rockefeller Center, where a trip to the iconic store made famous by the movie “Mommy, I Missed the Plane” was a must.

Continuing our tour, we headed to the very famous station we are used to seeing in movies: the Grand Central Terminal. Our walk then took us along the 5th Avenue or Fifth Avenue, where we explored luxury boutiques and visited the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a splendid example of Gothic architecture, not to be missed! Also drop by the Public Library (free admission) for the Rose Main Reading Room on the third floor.

We decided to end our first day with one of the city’s most famous observatories, theEmpire State Building, where the view is worth every penny of the entrance fee, which starts at $44 per person. You can purchase them in advance online or buy them directly on site. We bought them 2 hours earlier online here:
We opted for the basic one on the 86th floor.

For dinner, we could not pass up a slice of the famous Joe’s Pizza, the ultimate “New York slice.” At a cost of $20, we purchased four pizza slices and a water.

Times Square
Public Library
View from empire state building
Joe's Pizza

Day 2

The day starts with a museum-we chose MoMA, but New York City offers a wide range of museums to choose from. Located a short distance from Times Square, MoMA is an excellent starting point for the day. The cost of the ticket is $28 per person. You can purchase it online here:

After MoMA, we head to Central Park. We enter from the south side to enjoy a relaxing walk or picnic in the green heart of the city. Don’t miss your chance to take a photo with the Balto statue! 🙂

We continue our exploration toward theUpper West Side, eventually heading to Hell’s Kitchen, known for its eclectic culinary offerings. Here you can choose from ethnic and trendy restaurants. We dined at Westville New York, spending a total of $72 for two main dishes, two side dishes, two drinks and a dessert, including tax and tip. As with any restaurant in New York, reservations required:

Balto statue (Fabio super excitedoo)
Dinner from Westville to Hell's Kitchen

Day 3

The day begins with a visit to Hudson Yards (don’t miss the Vessel), followed by a walk on the High Line, the elevated park that offers unique panoramic views of the city. We recommend getting off the High Line at Chelsea to explore Chelsea Market, a great place to have lunch. Although Chelsea Market is famous for the Lobster Place, we opted for Black Seed bagels, spending $20 for two bagels and drinks.

After lunch, we continue south to the picturesque neighborhoods of SoHo and Greenwich Village, where the bohemian atmosphere mixes with elegant stores and historic cafes. If you are a fan of Sex and the City, don’t miss Carrie’s famous house!

On the high line you will take the most beautiful photos of the trip I tell you 🙂
Bagels by Black Seed
Carrie's House in Greenwich Village

Day 4

The day begins with a traditional American breakfast at
Andrews Diner
: two American coffees and blueberry pancakes, for a total of €25. The prices are average in New York (aaaalt little to do) however, I really liked the place because it felt like we were catapulted into one of those American movies with the classic diners. I loved! 🙂 Soon after, we head to Brooklyn to explore the Williamsburg neighborhood, known for its artistic spirit and independent boutiques.

The afternoon visit continues in the DUMBO district. Be sure not to miss the sunset at Pebble Beach, followed by a picturesque walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.
We end the day by having dinner at Catch New York-a very nice restaurant that is super popular with locals. Please note: online reservation required via the OneTable app or here on their website: We for two main dishes, two appetizers and a glass of wine each spent €126 in total including tip.

Day 5

The day begins with an exploration of Chinatown and Little Italy. Restaurants in Chinatown are generally cheap so if you can eat here for lunch!

In the afternoon devoted to exploring Nolita and East Village, neighborhoods known for their vintage stores and punk atmosphere. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in New York subcultures. I recommend in Nolita don’t miss two stores famous for cookies: Levain (perhaps the most famous) and my absolute favorite Funny Face. I even created a reel on it you can find it here:
Spend the evening at one of New York’s many speakeasies, such as Keys and Heels (you can make reservations here ) or Please Don’t Tell (you can make reservations here), where you can experience the unique atmosphere of these hidden bars that originated during the Prohibition era. Make a reservation please!

Funny Face Cookies

Day 6

The day starts with a sweet breakfast at Magnolia Bakery, enjoying the famous red velvet and banana pudding (I tell you it is IMPERDIBLE) for a cost of 9.20€ total .

We continue with our exploration of the Financial District, visiting the touching 9/11 Memorial and the famous bull that they say brings financial good luck. Be prepared for a moonlight row in order to touch his “nether regions.” 🙂 Also don’t miss theOculus: a shopping mall designed by Calatrava! We went in and out because we were not interested in the stores, but it is very unique to see.
For the afternoon, book a cruise in advance to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, or choose the free ferry to Staten Island. We opted for the latter starting from Battery Park: operating 24/7.

On the other hand, if you are curious to visit the Immigration Museum and the Statue up close, you can also book your ticket here: ferry statue freedom

Return to Manhattan for final visits or one last shopping trip.

Magnolia Bakery
Financial District
Statue of Liberty as seen from the free ferry

One piece of advice I would give to anyone visiting New York is this: rather than focusing exclusively on the big attractions such as museums and observatories, take the time to explore the streets, observe the multitude of colors and people, and savor the spirit of each neighborhood. New York is a peculiar city, and its true essence can be discovered by walking around aimlessly, being surprised at every corner.

Other advice: if you are struggling to book on the official sites I would remind you that there is also get your guide (I use it everywhere in the world and have always had a great time) where you can find lots of experiences to do and virtually all tickets for museums, observatories, etc. Here is the link for New York: Tickets to New York – Get Your Guide

I would also like to remind you that on my instagram profile there are featured stories about New York where I told all about my trip and there you can also find some other tips about musicals, food, etc. Also find two reels/videos based on this itinerary!

All that remains is for me to wish you a safe journey! 🙂

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