Travel safely with Nord VPN - What it is and how it works

Vienna in 4 days - itinerary with photos

Vienna in 4 days - itinerary with photos

Today we cover a super important topic, especially for those who love to explore the world like Fabio and me.
We are talking about how to keep our digital information safe while we travel, and there is only one answer: the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN is a technology that protects our Internet connection, making browsing private and secure wherever you are in the world.

How many times while out and about in the world do we find ourselves using public Wi-Fi in airports, stations, or cafes? It is very convenient, Fabio and I know it well! Unfortunately, it is also very risky. These networks are a playground for the malicious who could steal our sensitive digital data such as passwords, banking information and thus violate our privacy. With a VPN, we can surf safely without taking unnecessary risks.

In addition to the security factor, however, there are other advantages to using a VPN while on the road!

  • Finding cheaper airline flights
    If we are planning our Thailand itinerary for example and need to book domestic flights to get around thanks to a VPN network we can geo-locate in Thailand having cheaper rates than booking the same flight with geo-location in Italy.
  • Hotels at better rates
    Same for hotels as well. Very often we were able to save money by booking hotels by geo-locating to the country we were to visit.
  • Browsing blocked websites
    In many countries in Southeast Asia and beyond, some sites such as Facebook, Youtube or online newspapers are blocked and we cannot use them! For example, if we are in China without a VPN, we would not be able to access the various social networks we love so much!
  • Access various online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Prime video, etc.
    Again unfortunately, in many countries of the world these services are blocked, and as in the previous case thanks to the use of a VPN we will have no problem using them. If we are in Thailand and want to watch our favorite series, all we need to do is simply connect to the VPN network and geo-locate to Italy to get access to all the content!

There are so many companies offering VPN services, and as always after trying some of them we recommend the one we think is the best, which is NordVPN.

It is one of the most widely used and popular VPN services in the world and is compatible with any existing operating system and device ( Apple, Android, Windows, Linux etc )
It has virtually global coverage guaranteeing us a secure risk-free connection at all times and also does not record any data of the user using it. We can also use it on multiple devices simultaneously, in fact Fabio and I use it on our PCs and phones with one subscription!
Speaking of subscription, you will be spoiled for choice if gone to their site! I leave you here two active offers at the moment in my opinion very interesting one related to amazon: if you buy 2 years of NordVPN you have an exclusive discount and receive up to 30€ in Gift Vouchers

! I leave you the offer here: link

As you can see you are spoiled for choice friends! You can protect yourself just to make the trip you are interested in or as Fabio and I have chosen to be protected at all times even when navigating from home with plans 1-2 years old. As you can well imagine by now in these times where we are always connected you can never be too safe!

In short friends, traveling gives us unforgettable emotions, breathtaking views and friendships that last a lifetime. But as with any adventure, it is critical to have the right tools to travel safely. With NordVPN we have discovered a new digital companion. It helps us stay connected to the world without compromising our privacy and digital freedom.

All you have to do is visit their site and choose the right plan for you and protect yourself from all the pitfalls that the Web hides. 🙂

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