Christmas markets 2023 in Europe: where to go?

Hello fellow travelers! As many of you may know, one of my favorite times of the whole year has arrived! Although I am not a ‘lover of cold weather and I practically do not leave the house until spring is coming December and conseuently the Christmas markets! The streets of every city begin to transform with colored lights, decorations and that scent of cinnamon and chocolate that whatever!

In this article, I have decided to take you on a journey with me through the best destinations in Europe to experience and savor the best this Christmas and the most enchanting markets of 2023!

Some I have visited personally, enveloped in their magical atmospheres, while others were discovered thanks to the valuable suggestions of my beloved followers. From Wroclaw to Vienna, from Strasbourg to Edinburgh to Budapest, each stop on this Christmas journey is a true enchantment, a feast for the eyes and the soul. Let’s go together to discover these places where the magic of Christmas truly comes to life.


A real low-cost gem in Poland, it has gained crazy popularity in recent years thanks in part to its spectacular Christmas markets. This city, with its historic charm and vibrant, colorful squares, offers a unique Christmas experience without putting too much strain on the wallet. Wroclaw ‘s markets are a spectacle of lights, colors and scents, where you can find local crafts and enjoy traditional Polish delicacies. The cozy atmosphere and charming decorations make Wroclaw an ideal destination for those seeking the magic of Christmas without spending a fortune. Scheduled to open from November 18 to December 31.
This is also the destination Fabio and I have chosen for this 2023! Find the article with itinerary written on our return HERE.

  • Affordable prices: One of the cheapest destinations in Europe, ideal for those who want to experience the magic of Christmas without spending a lot.
  • Enchanting atmosphere: Wroclaw’s streets and squares are transformed into a winter paradise, with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations creating a dreamlike atmosphere.
  • Historic Architecture: Wroclaw’s historic setting adds a unique touch to the markets, combining history and tradition into an authentically Polish experience.


Budapest is renowned for its Christmas markets, among the largest and most scenic in all of Europe. This city, in addition to being another wonderful low-cost destination, offers a truly unique Christmas experience. In the central square alone, more than 100 stalls await you, bathed in the magical and bright atmosphere that only Budapest can offer. Opening dates from November 17 to December 31.

  • Affordable prices: As a low-cost destination, Budapest is ideal for those seeking a quality Christmas experience without spending a fortune.
  • Impressive Setting: Budapest’s Christmas lights and decorations create a dreamy setting, perfect for experiencing the Christmas spirit to the fullest. The 3-D light show on the facade of St. Stephen’s Basilica, illuminating the building with colored beams of light every 30 minutes, is pure magic.
  • Historic Urban Landscape: Budapest’s historic architecture provides the backdrop for the markets, offering spectacular views and making the visit even more spectacular.
    Find the full article on Budapest here.


Also known as the“Capital of Christmas,” Strasbourg is home to some of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Europe. Open from November 24 to December 24, 2023, these markets attract nearly two million visitors each year, creating a festive and magical atmosphere unique in Europe, spread across more than ten dedicated sites in the Grande Île area. A real must for Christmas lovers. This charming city, easily reached by train from Milan in about 7 1/2 hours, will enchant you with its festive atmosphere and centuries-old traditions.

  • Enchanting Illuminations: As soon as night falls, the city is illuminated with beautiful lights that add magic to the air, with the thirty-meter-tall Christmas tree in Place Kléber as a symbol of an Alsatian tradition dating back five centuries
  • A Lively and Welcoming City: During the markets, Strasbourg is lively not only outdoors but also indoors. In fact, you will find endless venues hosting concerts, exhibitions and other events.
  • Alsace at Christmas: The Alsace region, of which Strasbourg is the hub, celebrates Christmas truly in a big way. In addition to Strasbourg, many other villages and towns offer Christmas markets in enchanting settings, showcasing local savoir-faire while respecting the centuries-old traditions of this region.

    How to get there: I know many of you have had difficulty getting to Strasbourg, the most convenient method I know is to take Trenitalia and get to Basel which is direct! Then from there in one hour you can get to Strasbourg by train.


Vienna, with its markets among the most beautiful and famous in all of Europe, will welcome you to its Christmas enchantment from November 11 to December 26, 2023. After living here for a year, I can say that Vienna has a special place in my heart, especially during the Christmas season. The city is transformed into a fairy-tale setting, where every corner glows with lights and magic. The city is easily accessible from many destinations in Europe, making it an ideal destination for a Christmas trip of even a few days.

  • Beauty and Fame: Vienna’s markets are renowned for their beauty and Christmas atmosphere, attracting visitors from all over the world.
  • Variety of Markets and Tradition: Each market in Vienna has its own unique character, offering a wide range of handicrafts, culinary specialties, and Christmas decorations. It is also a time to experience the city’s rich cultural tradition with concerts, performances and other festive activities.
  • Historic Architecture: Vienna’s enchanting architecture provides the backdrop for the markets, creating aromantic and unforgettableatmosphere.
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Last but not least destination for this Christmas 2023 Edinburgh. With its famous Christmas tree on Princes Street boasting more than 10,000 lights, it offers a truly spectacular Christmas experience. The city’s Christmas market will be open from November 17, 2023 to January 6, 2024, located in East Princes Street Gardens and along George Street in the New Town.

  • Variety of Attractions: The Edinburgh Christmas Festival offers a wide range of activities, including ice skating rinks, exciting rides and spectacular light displays, making the city a true winter wonderland.
  • Children’s Fun: Santa Land offers various attractions for young children, including rides and a children’s Christmas market, as well as an elf workshop hidden in a maze of Christmas trees.
  • Memorable New Year’s Eve: Edinburgh is also one of the most famous destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with its unforgettable Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party.
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I hope this article will be helpful for you to choose and experience the best this Christmas 2023!

If you are curious to follow us on our upcoming trip to Wroclaw follow me on Instagram, on December 1 Fabio and I will be there! Have a great trip fellow travelers!

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